CollabVM Syndrome

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CollabVM Syndrome is a psychological effect observed in many of the regular CollabVM users. This affliction causes one to be unable to leave CollabVM, no matter how hard they try.

People known to be afflicted with this:

Users known to have miraculously escaped CollabVM Syndrome:

  • Bit
  • Charps (is gone for obvious reasons)
  • Geodude (we know he's long gone)
  • Wulf715 (somehow he did it)
  • Keurig (he's touched it in the last week but only because he was bored and wasn't too addicted)
  • Ekoserin (again, gone for obvious reasons)
  • ninasan!!!!!!!!!!! (unknown when but sometimes you see him opening crap about video games again, he stopped using the site entirely)
  • Novella
  • Skyler
  • monicasan!!!!!!!
  • urlogic
  • Ceiridge (it doesn't take a genius to say why he's gone...)
  • yandere chan (He goes on a few times when he's bored he stopped using the site entirely)