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The Admin Panel is what a Forkie has wet dreams of accessing. Basically, it is the master panel of Collab VM, and it is capable of being used as a tool of mass destruction (like any other admin panel) if used incorrectly or by a nigger. Retards frequently try to access the VM's admin panel, attempting to be uber h4x0rz while failing to realize that - oh shit - Dartz isn't a fucking retard who would just leave the most valuable part of his site wide open. Breaking into or trying to break into the admin panel will result in an immediate permanent ban. THE DEFAULT PASSWORD ISN'T DARTZ ANYMORE YOU FUCKING RETARDS. HE CHANGED IT. STOP TRYING TO FUCKING USE THIS PASSWORD MY GOD DAMN YOU DESPERATE FORKIES


  • It can rape the VMs.
    • It really can, trust me.
  • That's all. Go away niggers.
  • The default password is collabvm.
    • No wait, its collabvm2.
    • Just try to login to it 3 times.