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CHOCOLATEMANOS is the best bootable operating system ever, based on the amazing technologies of Last Measure OS. CHOCOLATEMANOS has all of your CHOCOLATEMAN needs in the form of an operating system


  • Best bootable image ever
  • Complete support for 530+ years (Support for CHOCOLATEMANOS 1.0 ends March 19, 2546)
  • Comes in floppy and ISOs *Burnable to your favorite floppy, CD or USB *Extremely portable (1.33 MB)
  • 7 images in 256 colors!
  • Supports all IBM-compatible computers from 1990+
  • Coming soon for MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • PC-98, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Gameboy support coming soon!
  • The best of the best
  • Nigger free
  • White supremacist choice
  • Moon Man approved
  • No viruses can be made for it thanks to its top notch security. More secure than Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, and MikeOS combined.