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Coldsteel OS is an Operating System similar to the likes of CHOCOLATEMANOS and Pokemon OS, But Coldsteel OS has pictures of the Ironic edgy Sonic the Hedgehog OC "Coldsteel" whom was also the inspiration behind the username of the user Coldsteel.


  • Easy to put it on a USB stick and take the OS with you
  • Around 7 Images of pure Ironic Edginess.
  • Like all LMOS inspired OS', This one can be re-created with tools similar to those found in Scratch
  • Even has a picture of Coldsteel's character on some vanilla wow private server that more likely than not will refuse to run on the VM
  • Has 9/10 Virus protection, Due to the fact that internet is not an option


  • Not Compatible with programs such as "3D Space Pinball" "Internet Explorer 8" and "Bonzi Buddy"
  • System 32 can not be deleted, As it refuses to even exist on this OS
  • Can't run on notable Hardware such as the OUYA
  • There are more User-friendly Operating Systems out there that pander to beginners in LMOS tech
  • No Internet