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Guest1337, also known as "Damian9303" or "guest<random string of numbers>" OR "..." OR "Acidfag Jr." OR "The Fun Police" OR "Damian Butts" OR "Damian" OR "Guest1337's brother" is a forkie cuck feggit who likes to disturb the peaceful population of CollabVM. He really likes to be as annoying as he can. He frequently comes onto CollabVM to do one of the following:

  • Be as annoying as humanly possible.
  • Try to kill people in a small town.
  • Threaten to kill Dartz and call him an asshole, despite the fact that Dartz is the only who keeps him unbanned. (If it was Geodude's decision, his ass would have been out of here a long time ago.)

Threat video:

  • Look up weird shit.
  • Close shit.
  • Forkie the PC.
  • Run a shitty LiveCD with half the functions of Tiny7 (yes, HALF the functions of Tiny7)
  • Blame his "brother" for the shit he does so he won't get banned. (It didn't work, but he just ban evaded, so it didn't matter anyways.)
  • Protect and serve the virtual machine.
  • Vote to reset when no vote to reset is required.
  • Abuse the vote to reset system with VPNs and Tor, despite the fact that Dartz and Geodude have both stated that is a permanently bannable offense.
  • Destroy VNCs belonging to a hospital, but its okay, it was only the family entertainment center that had "Deep Freeze" installed, or whatever the fuck it was
  • Enter his email password in a publicly viewable virtual machine viewable by anyone.
  • Niggers
  • Insult CHOCOLATEMAN, CtrlAltDel, Technoturnovers, LoveEevee, or anyone else for no good reason other than "im pissed cuz u guys arent doing what i wanna do!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • He listens to this music 24/7
  • He watches Steven Universe 24/7