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hannah (or whatever fake name she decides to use for the day) is a severe forkie cuck fagit who likes to disturb the peaceful population of Calub Veim. She is anti-fun and was so bad Geodude pwned her ass. Unfortunately, she evaded her ban.

Basically she's the reason that Experimental VM is online again, which may seem like a good thing, until you realize Geodude put it up because he was tired of all the BS that was happening. Guess what, it didn't work. lmao

Oh yeah, and she's also present on all three Virus Farm nodes. So there really is no escaping her. Damn ruskis. LoveEevee is also helping hannah stop the super ugly faggot Windows98_SE. As of October 2016, hannah was an official moderator for Collab VM. She was demoted shortly after

Hannah's Creations

  • Over 9000 ways to destroy the vm in Batch
  • CollabVM Desktop Client
  • Many viruses
  • Modified a RAT to make it bsod if logged off
  • Found a vulnerability in Collab-VM server to gain the password
  • etc

Things hannah likes to do

  • Wipe Windows and install Linux.
  • Wipe Windows. *Destroy the boot loader.
  • Fork bomb.
  • Niggers
  • Insult the glorious CHOCOLATEMAN
  • Try to bypass CHOCOTHING.EXE (its impossible fagits) she did it in wordpad.
  • Stay for literally 23 hours a day and break the VM for those 23 hours .
  • "Trolls" in quotation marks.
  • kek
  • Thinks the user "fluffymobile" is called "furrymobile" and that he is dan

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