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only known captured photo of this mythical beast

The Man is a currynigger jewish cuck forkie who frequently comes on CollabVM to disturb the peaceful population. He is anti-fun

Typically he will act like a nigger and do one of the following things:

  • Delete System32. (He likes to do that el oh el)
  • Raise the acid levels in a pool to kill a small town.
  • Make retarded plots to get Dartz' house raided by the FBI.
  • Impersonate other people *Post collab-vm onto 4chan because he wants to be surrounded by mentally diseased kids like himself.
  • Act like a retard
  • Be a nigger
  • Shut down to reset
  • Niggers
  • Insult the glorious CHOCOLATEMAN

His aliases are:

  • Jolly Old Chap
  • Registry Rapist
  • Policy Rapist