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VNC Roulette was perhaps the greatest fuck up in the history of the internet. Basically the site allowed you to view insecure VNCs (ones with no passwords) across the world. It was a fun site, but the Fun Police decided this was to come to an end.

The Pool Incident

However, on February 21, 2016 a horrific incident occurred. A person (now commonly believed to be The Man and is nicknamed Acidfag) decided to connect to computer #31 (which was at and showed a picture of The Paddock Man) which was a public pool in a small town in New Jersey. Through Collab VM, he tried to set the Acid levels to 100% resulting in extremely high levels of chemicals (enough to potentially hospitalize or even kill someone).

News reports from around the area have not reported anyone dying or being ill so it's likely nobody was actually killed or hospitalized following the incident. However Dartz has collectively decided to prevent something like this from ever happening again by closing VNC Roulette permanently and only making it a donor feature for Donators.