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The CollabVM Community is one of the worst communities in existence, and we agree with you to call it the bane of your existence.

Most of these users, The Joker or Damian, for example, are dead and are not relevant anymore.


Guest1337, aka Damian Butts, is quite possibly the most annoying faggot in the history of human evolution who cums to Steven Universe. The only thing he comes on the VM to do is buttfuck it, open shitty zelaggy videos, try to kill people using pool acid, or do other retarded shit. He also threatened to blow up his school.


hannah, aka Jacob Massey, is a GAMER GUURL and another great candidate for the most annoying faggot in the history of humanity. Fork fork fork, that's all he does. Oh, and he has fake tits, so you better spy on the CollabVM Discord for her because it's the only shot at seeing a glimpse of "tits" that you'll ever get. he tried to clone Techno's FTP, but the only people who used it were forkies. The domain expired and is now a virus site. LOL

Is continuously pwned by Geodude.

The Joker Official

"The Joker Official" (name taken from his Github because he only uses a guest name) is an EPIC (not EPIC as in good, I mean EPIC as in fucking HUGE) forkie faggot who is hellbent on getting CHOCOVIRUS and Policies.reg so he can steal it for his shitty knockoff. He cannot code in batch; he instead just steals source code from other sources like CHOCOVIRUS. He also made a shitty Policies.reg ripoff which can be bypassed extremely easily. If you see the VM locked with a single message ripped off from an obscure MS-DOS virus, you'll know who was on the VM. Also, if the VM is "locked" due to some shitty password, you'll know who it was again. If you see this nigger, CHOCOVIRUS him at all costs.

Got pwned by Dartz.


Vanilla, aka Ian Minecraft, aka Chinigan, aka Dickgirl is some weird ass forkie who pretends to be a girl on the internet for God only knows that reason. He likes to talk to people who masturbate to lolicon and pedophiles. If you read the before sentence, it DOES make sense why.

Davy Jones

Davy Jones is an insanely huge faggot who likes to bitch and moan that he can never use the VM, because apparently "CtrlAltDelete" has magical psychic powers that he can use to foresee if Davy will be using the VM. He will sperg out for hours and hours, complaining he is unable to use the VM because a guest closed his Internet Explorer window. He is also a VPNFag.

Rumored to be hannah, but has more likely pwned by Dartz or Geodude.


A person who goes on VMs and reconfigures them to 'improve' boot times and other contents, But avoids the VMs when a forkie is working on it.

The actually c00l people


He has a community called Utopia. He hosted a CollabVM mirror at one point, and also hosted a few VMs for Dartz in the past. Now he hosts LunaVM. a weeb but c00l.

Update: nvm lol he's retarded

Update II: nvm not anymore


Don't fuck with him or he'll CHOCOVIRUS your ass. Forkies fear him (as they usually shutdown if they see him taking a turn). this is a fucking outdated description ze choc barely comes on collabvm and forkies have developed ways to protect the hundreds of their orgies of child porn and forkie tool chrome downloads lol the forkies fear him part is true. Yeah, he never comes on cvm anymore but he is still a c00l guy. You may catch him talking or busy on the CollabVM Discord.


Likes to fuck with the VM and cause unique forkies. Pretty c00l guy. He collaborated with CHOCOLATEMAN on the development of CHOCOVIRUS 5.

Cosmic Sans

He's a dude who helps Dartz and Geodude program CollabVM. Manager of the CollabVM base. He is never online though.


He's the dude who made Computernewb and CollabVM. He's a cool guy.


He hacks shit and runs lots of malware. Don't fuck with him or he'll Policies your ass.


The fluffiest vulpix around. Some people hate him; some love him, but he's a cool dude so don't you forget it.


He's a dude who helps Cosmic Sans and Dartz program CollabVM. He is never online though. Known to get extremely pissed at a simple forkie.


Some dude who really loves Java; both figuratively and literally.


I am a cute eevee :3

also he makes a bunch of shit in autohotkey. c00l dude


Pretty cool guy; he used to host (Which was the FTP) and defeated the Monokuma bodypillow.


aside from the shit fetish, hes c00l.


a well-known autist. Is retarded. also survivor of collabvm syndrome, hasnt went to collabvm for several weeks


A retard that wants to hide from the community, you can see him as a guest sometimes. He also used to be a administrator of the CollabVM wiki (after begging for it multiple times), which is where you are on right now.


holy fuck this person has actual autism normally on the vms 24/7 however


Another c00l guy. He is a hoster of GanjaVM (or just UserVMs), and also a CollabVM 2.0 beta tester.

also has a keyboard with a non functional "o" key and refuses to actually replace it for some reason Update: with a FUNCTIONAL "o" key

Update: no longer part of CollabVM rip nope he returned


She's female. In fact, she is the only female in the entirety of the site. She's a CollabVM Developer, also a excellent C++ programmer. Watch out for her, because she is not bullshitting when she thinks about asnbanning your ass off the site.


Majority of the people listed here has quit but we're still thriving just with less users, this page hasn't been updated to include accurate description about the users listed, aside from the occasional forkie faggot vandalism so there.