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CommunityFork is a CollabVM tool. It is a fork of Catfork by d1g1talcat, which in turn is a fork of Kekero's New CollabVM Userscript. It's final version can be found at It is used less often than Fylrobot, a competing tool.

The control buttons of CommunityFork
Creators Kekero, d1g1talcat, others
Status Archived


Uses of CommunityFork include:

  • Autotyper functionality. Includes changeable speed.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del button.
  • Buttons to go into and out of the serial0 and parallel0 ports, but these ports have since been removed.
  • Timestamps on messages.
  • Vote yes/no. Good for changing your vote.
  • Greentext, other types of special text, and special formatting when your name is mentioned.
  • The option to ignore users; you need to right click on a user's name in chat and then select it.
  • Get a chat notification whenever a user joins or leaves the VM.
  • Many other minor changes.