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WindowsInfomation x16.pngCONTROLVM IS NOT COLLABVMWindowsInfomation x16.png
Yellows debunking the launch vms

ControlVM is a made up ripoff of CollabVM "made" by Andrej/nina005, it has bullshit claims like that it will be everywhere lmao

Bullshit claims

TheLeaker88▸if you dont have proof that he is nina005 ,we may cancel this website and replace it with controlvm
TheLeaker88▸dont you dare ignore me ,because we may replace this website to controlvm
TheLeaker88▸its gonna be better than collabvm
TheLeaker88▸it will have north korea support
TheLeaker88▸its gonna be way better than collabvm
TheLeaker88▸it will have
TheLeaker88▸north korea support
TheLeaker88▸and 60 seconds to wait a turn
TheLeaker88▸it will have a custom theme built into it
guest49765▸i know but cosmic is too tired right now
guest49765▸so he is making controlvm as fast as possible
guest49765▸it will have 9 vms
guest49765▸it will have windows 3.1 ,95, 98, ME,XP ,Vista ,7 ,8.1 ,10 

Oh yeah, he edited this page so we have more claims!

ControlVM is a upcoming website made by Dartz and Cosmic Sans ,the original CollabVM will have to shutdown and replaced with this website ,the original collabvm will be softlocked forever and it will become a tor node
controlvm will have custom themes called North Korea ,Baby Blue ,Red, Green , and White (default theme)
collabvm 2.0 will be canceled by the time of the release of controlvm ,because dartz and cosmic sans is too tired of collabvm 2.0 ,they dont have time anymore
ControlVM will be the most successful website ever ,it will be featured on 4chan ,reddit ,twitter ,facebook, instagram ,youtube ,the news and pinterest
you will have to wait and have 60 seconds in order to take a turn (this applies to the term of waiting) ,because we banned forkies from controlvm ,they are forbidden in controlvm forever
if any forkies come to controlvm ,they will be redirected to bimbo hypno websites


So Nina/Andrej told us that he will show a preview of it in 3-5 days, and it's a blatant inspect element

An "leaked" screenshot of ControlVM which is just an inspect element edit of the CVM 1.x website

In conclusion

Will it come out? Maybe in a parallel dimension but not here