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A screenshot of Level 3 of CornerCollision.

CornerCollision is a game project created by trademarktm in 2018 using Game Maker 4.3, made with rounded objects in mind. The game is no longer being developed, and the source code was made available for download.

trademarktm's website was closed on November 16th, 2018 after host PC hardware issues and the game + source can no longer be downloaded from the original server.

Story (abandoned)

You take the role of Collido, a scientist in the Cuberia Research & Development Center, who, along with everyone in Cuberia, are preparing for an emergency evacuation, after a flood warning issued to strike Cuberia in 209X. The scientists of the CRDC have yet to escape, and Collido has to find his way out.


Downloads are available here.

Version Download
1.3 (08.28.2018) Download
1.1 (08.27.2018) Download

The source is also available for those who want to make their own levels.

Version Download
1.3 (08.28.2018) Download