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DESKTOP GOOSE is a dirty traitor or snitch who calls every time a mod if you do something false.

He will cry and get very mad if you steal him his name and call a Mod until you're banned.He also cry if you make a twitch acc with his name and want to report you.

If you try to install a Virus on a VM Desktop Nigga (Goose) will report your link that your acc will be banned.

He also calls you a pedo although you are not.

He like to suck Hildaboos and CHOCOLATEMANs cocks. Because without them is Goose lost and will cry.

Because he had no parents he is adopted.

Goose lives in Canada, Ontario, and he wants to make America great Again because he likes Trump.

He likes to say "You are a retard because you use assoc" but self assoc VMs.

But why is he so a snitch?

We don't know it