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"Andrej Akan" was a persona created by Nina005 representing an addicted Kit user, or rather, a forkie who loves, almost addicted, to constantly destroy VMs, always by Kit. He is anti-fun.

He was constantly impersonating people on the site. He used to sometimes impersonates users such as Hildaboo because he can't patch some ransomware he didn't make.

He used to lie to others and says that his IP was the output of "ping". Also, this faggot assumed Fedora's gender and then out of nowhere said that he himself is a faggot, what a retarded faggot. He also claims that he is from Pakistan.

He is famous for having grammar so bad and terrible someone, somehow, wanted to compile a list of hilarious quotes he has said over the course of months he has been on this godawful planet. Here it is: Click here to see all the quotes! (warning: REALLY FUCKING LONG!)


  • He is an internet troll, meaning you should NOT interact with him as that counts as feeding him.
  • He has the world's smallest penis measuring at 0.1 mm
  • He tells everyone that he "made them" and a lot of other nonsense bullshit.
  • He is so desperate on trying to get kit that he breaks rule 5 JUST FOR FUCKING KIT.
  • He has no idea what "kupteraz" means.
  • He doesn't know what "cum" means.
  • He doesn't know what "router" means
  • He always pretends to be sick so he can go to CollabVM.
  • He has no life and is mainly bored.
  • He is also a pedophile who wants to fuck minors.
  • He also claims that he's a robot. He's a human, not a robot.
  • He also claims that he lives in Pakistan, but in reality, he lives in Croatia.
  • He also threatened to take down accounts to others outside of CollabVM:
  • He is also in denial after someone proves that they can fix a PC from his shitty MBR overwriters.
  • He claims to have no PC. (how retarded)

Andrej Akan's accounts Nina005's LARP accounts

  • YouTube channel: [archaic data expunged]
  • Discord account: [archaic data expunged] (DO NOT ADD HIM WITH YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT OR HE WILL TERMINATE YOUR ASS)

Did you know that Andrej Akan is a...

  • Troll: He constantly abused Discord's user reporting system to terminate random users he didn't like very much.
  • Annoyance: He constantly pointlessly impersonates random people and tries to hide his identity, usually failing miserably because of the way he acted and his grammar.
  • Con artist: He managed to catfish DFU into giving him collabbot, which happened to be bundled with a now-banned command, kit.
  • Obsessive: Meaning Andrej used the script so much to the point it was even banned by Dartz himself.
  • Destructive: He used the Kit command for malicious purposes, going around and destroying the VMs everywhere he went.
  • Intrusive: Somehow, he managed to steal every single member's discord tag in DFU Republic 2! You can guess what he did with all of those tags.