Dell Inspiron N5110

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It was a just average laptop of 2011. There were nothing special with it.

It has Sandy Bridge based processor. It includes:

  • Pentium
  • Core i3
  • Core i5
  • Core i7

Nowadays it is a laptop that you would find at dumpster.

You might not take what it says above not seriously, but believe that this kind of old ass laptop will certainly be in your neighborhood's electronic dumpster.

One (really) found at dumpster has spec below:

  • Intel Core i3-2310M (Its processing power is on the par with current $300 laptops on the shelf of Best Buy. You might get even better deal on Amazon or Aliexpress.)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM (Quite acceptable)
  • 500GB 5400RPM hard drive (Which sucks ass so much nowadays with windows 10)
  • A crappy wifi card that makes even linux can’t run properly

Redeeming Quality

Almost every patches are readily available on Hackintosh communities, because of its quality as an "average" laptop. Because so many people had this laptop there were more people running Hackintosh on it.

And you can make near-perfect hackintosh with it, if you install macOS High Sierra on it through Hackintosh Zone.

Just get some Clover configs and DSDT / SSDT patches from Insanelymac Forum, as well as post install packages.

You can see full guide by Googling N5110 Hackintosh and see Insanelymac post.

It is better with modded BIOS. It helps a lot with hackintosh on this machine.

Before modding BIOS, write down service tag number. Go to BIOS setup and at the first screen you will see Service Tag section.

Something good to have is UEFI unlocked BIOS patch, which is quite hard to find. Link to download modded BIOS is dead but I found it browsing through Insanelymac. Flash BIOS at your own risk. Myself nor anyone hosting modded BIOS are not responsible for any damages / issues caused by modded BIOS. It is purely your choice to fuck around computers. If you really want to still boot Windows on this machine alongside macOS, make sure you enter service tag at BIOS Setup > Security. Your service tag number is located at bottom of the laptop.

This will make almost everything work except a crappy wifi card which even linux refuses to support out of box.

Just replace that shitty wifi card if you really want fully functional Hackintosh on this laptop.

Things work

  • Graphics Card (Especially if you have Intel graphics only. Actually, Intel graphics is the best compatible graphics card for hackintoshing.
  • CPU Power Management, including sleep mode. Sleep mode makes it usable laptop with Hackintosh.
  • HDMI output. This with N5010 never could make it work properly, but N5110 works thanks to some of Mac hardwares with Intel HD Graphics 3000.
  • Sound (Through almost-universal VoodooHDA)
  • Ethernet
  • Battery management
  • Display (Seriously. Some laptops have display panels that are not compatible with hackintosh. Hackintosh is very picky thing.)

Things don't work

  • Wi-Fi if you got Intel Wi-Fi card. The Intel card it has really sucks. Trust me, it sucks so much that even Linux won't work with it out of box.