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"you are literally fucking cyberbullying and death threatening me" - Eae describing this page in the most incorrect way possible.

Eae is a retarded faggot who blocks Anonfiles and other download sites and installs antiforkie software 24/7.


This ape spends his days on CollabVM either whining in chat or furiously maturbating to his shitty school-like method of blocking sites he doesn't like and then screaming "CLOSEFAG!1!!!1" in chat when anyone attempts to stop him. He can be commonly found demanding others do what he wants in chat or in the cesspool that are UserVMs. Everytime he sees YourUsername he goes into a fit and cries in chat. Sometimes I wish votekick was an option so we could exile this fag.

Also he recently searched FNF Boyfriend X Pico on the VMs.

Sentences Never Said About Eae

  • "I want to fuck Eae."
  • "Eae is so attractive."
  • "Eae isn't retarded."
  • "Eae isn't a fag."


A leaked image of Eae nerdgasming at his "cleverness".
Eae whining at others in chat, demanding they block every single download site.
WE didn't block it, you did.