Electronic Dumpster

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It is typically known as a place where people throw away old ass electronics they don't use anymore...

Or is it always like that? No. You might find good treasures there if you are lucky, or if you go to any uni / college electronic dumpsters.

Things that can be found at electronic dumpster

  • Cables, tons of chargers and cables. If Apple removes charging cable from iPhone box, don't worry, just reuse one at electronic dumpster you can get it for free.
  • Telephones that you probably never seen unless you were born in 1990s
  • Microwave.
  • Printers that may or may not work.
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers. Nothing surprising, but if you are at any uni / college electronic dumpster then your chance to find a treasure is higher thanks to international students with filthy rich family throwing away things after their filthy rich family give new gadgets almost every year. There can be even MacBook Pro.
  • Mobile phones. Same as said above, thanks to said filthy rich family of international students, college / uni electronic dumpster has higher chance to find a treasure. Even iPhone X can be there too.

If you are going on dumpster diving

  • Always, if you are not sure that you got tetanus shot in recent 10 years, get it. Don't be like Karen saying "vaccines cause autism". In fact, one of Karens didn't get tetanus shot and got hurt with computer part died of tetanus.
  • Don't go there if it explicitly says do not enter.
  • We are living in pandemic so wait until pandemic end because you never will want to get fucking Coronavirus by Xi Jinping
  • Don't tell anybody about its existence if you found something good there. Everyone will start to go there and you will never find something good anymore. Believe me.