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epic.ahk, or epic.exe, is a AutoHotKey script created by udk/disco dingo v5. It might be little known since it's only run with VMbot and udk/disco dingo v5.

There is actually 3 files of epic.ahk for it's "2.0" version.

Files (2.0) Action
epic.ahk Does a flash effect & makes a message box saying "Say hello!!!!!."
epic1.ahk Makes a message box saying "Konichiwa fuckers."
epic2.ahk Makes the cursor go in random places.

The first version can:

  • Make things disappear such as "Task Manager" when you right-click the navbar.
  • Make the Task Manager UI fuck up (such as showing a borderless window) or just not show text in general.
  • Annoy you with MsgBoxes.
  • Random mouse movement.
  • Open Calculator and move the window.

These features are very like the so-called "second version" of epic.ahk. However, the "second version" of epic.ahk does not have enough power to fuck up Task Manager or more. But - the "second version" of epic.ahk can cause a seizure because of the flash effect.