Every user you don't like

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See a user that you REALLY dislike on CollabVM? Then, they are likely one of the following users:

It is a statistical fact that every Forkie on CollabVM is one of the above 5 users, because everyone knows there are only five forkies on CollabVM at all times. If you see anyone running generic_fork.bat, opening malware on the VM or even breaking the not-so-enforced rules of CollabVM, accuse them of being one of the above users. They will get extremely mad (thus confirming it), deny it (thus confirming it), question who you are talking about (thus confirming it), ignore you (thus confirming it), confirm it (thus confirming it), do nothing (thus confirming it), do anything (thus confirming it), do something (thus confirming it) and remind us how much of a faggot we are (thus confirming it).

Also, if you see a bunch of guests voting in the vote for resets, then accuse them of using VPNs to manipulate the vote for reset. (even if it's in your favor)