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Below lists the Extensions and Themes present on the Computernewb Wiki.



A responsive skin.

Cologne Blue

One of the default MediaWiki themes, and was the first MediaWiki skin. Not very pretty but recommended if you're using a really old browser (IE6 or older) or are on a slow connection.


An skin based on UseModWiki, and is one of the very first MediaWiki skins. Not very pretty but recommended if you're using a really old browser (IE6 or older) or are on a slow connection.

Monaco Redux

A theme that was originally used on Wikia (now known as "Fandom") from 2008 - 2010. It has been modified for use on the Computernewb Wiki, and has been modified to work on MediaWiki 1.34 and up.

Source code: https://github.com/computernewb/monaco-redux


Another one of the default MediaWiki themes. Works fairly well on most browsers, new and old.

Minerva Neue

A theme only available on mobile phones, this and Refreshed are the only themes available on mobile unless you choose to use the Desktop view.


A theme created by the Brickimedia admins, this theme is good if you want a more modern view or if you want another theme for mobile.


A theme that emphasizes both content and editing tools, with multiple view modes for showing everything. Recommended if you have a big monitor.


Another one of the default MediaWiki themes, its the default theme for this wiki and is what most people probably use. Recommended on desktop since its guaranteed to work with all extensions on this wiki, not recommended for tablets/mobile phones.



Blocks the creation of accounts with mixed-script, confusing and similar usernames


Provides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessing.


Allows embedding of several videos from many websites. This extension is a fork and modification of the YouTube extension which remove deprecated websites and adds new ones.

Source code: https://github.com/computernewb/NewYouTube

The modified extension currently supports Archive.org Video/Audio, BitChute, BitView, Nicovideo, and YouTube.

Example of a YouTube video:



Allows Tor exit nodes to be blocked from editing a wiki, very effective since the vandals are now rare.