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By Wulf715

A 3 year old creepypasta, But revived. For more info, DM Wulf715#5391 edit: Recently EyesOfSix changed his yt name to "MTF 243 8" I guess he gave up the act.

About Cygni/EyesOfSix_

Cygni is present on Wulf715's youtube channel due to his involvement as one of the main players back when the units were around 3 years ago. Cygni, Being one of the units, Is fresh is wulfs memory, However until he was told, Wulf did not know EyesOfSix was Cygni.


Cygni is one of the 12 "units" from 3 years ago, They claimed the "players" took minecraft from them and they wanted to take it over, That didnt last very long.
The leader of the units was "Hypertitan" who was confirmed by cygni to still be around.

The Units

The units were a group in minecraft who are basically a bad creepypasta, Which 3 years ago wulf was very intrested in.

Wulfs Involvement

Wulf, back in the day, was one of the main players in "The 303 killers" Who formed when the entity 303 creepypasta can around, Aside from wulf, the main players were:

  • JonoWarriorK
  • Zeus
  • Richard Dooley
  • AlongCameJosh

The group has since disbanded and everyone in the above list doesnt play minecraft anymore, Excluding, of course, Wulf715.