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A image of some files on the root of the FTP Server.

The CollabVM FTP Server is an FTP server hosted and maintained by Dartz for the CollabVM community. It contains over 2 TB of files. All files may be uploaded, as long as they follow the rules.

It is dead because the FTP used up all of the 4TB of storage.


The FTP Server is maintained/hosted by Dartz, and administrated by other CollabVM Admins (mainly CHOCOLATEMAN). It is available at the following locations:

Login information

You do not have to log in to access the archived FTP(2)s.


  • No CP. (All IPs and uploads are logged so don't even try it.)
  • No reuploading files that were removed due to a DMCA request.
  • Files can be deleted or moved by admins for any reason at any time without permission.

Tested FTP clients

  • Built-in Browser FTPs - Works perfectly.
  • Any good CLI FTP client - Works perfectly
  • ftp (Windows) - Doesn't work
  • ftp (Linux) - Doesn't work
  • Any good FTP client - Works perfectly
  • Explorer FTP Client (Windows XP+) - Works almost perfectly, 2000 and lower can't connect. Folder creation is useless.

FTP Forkies

Like CollabVM, some people have taken it upon themselves to discover ways to maliciously wreck the FTP.

The forkies are listed here.