Fagot 2000 Pro

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It's a console developed by Unishit, it contains all the forkie tools and crap. Oh and its also slower than the Fagot 1995. It uses 4kb speed which is horrible.

All of the 'amazing' features/games.

Forkie DOOM 2
CollabVM GTA IV Pro
And a personal gun maker. Delivers to your home if made. (usually takes about 4/5 days)


Press QWERTY and type this. givemefuckingadminyoupeseantfuckconsole and it switches to admin mode, but its temp so go run around with it ig.

All the tools

NSFW Mode (do not let forkies use it)
Fagot 1995 mode, which switches to fagot 1995 style.
Fagot 1992 design which ends support at 2016.

Fagot 2000 Ultimate

Fagot 2000 Ultimate is also free on this version which means you can have 10mb of speed, fucking hell you can run Doom 69 on it.

All the beta games

Forkie Slayer 2 End is near
Toy Collab 2 - Doki Doki fucks
Minecraft but its 2005.


  • Fagot 2 Ultimate processor
  • Fagot Eyefuck 1 Super Edition GPU
  • 256 megabytes of RAM