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On CollabVM, there's alot of fags roaming around, although the fags are not always the same.


People who keep crashing the damn server and ruining it for everybody


People who keep opening up porn on the VM's for "comedic" effect


People who download bonzibuddy and open it or go to BonziWORLD website for "comedic" effect


Crashfags, but they only bsod the one vm temporarily.


Stupid faggots who run forkbombs or safemode, wasting lots of time by requiring a reset or a reboot.


People who download MEMZ on the VM, either from some absurd gg.gg link, Aye's hosting thingy or writing the batch code themselves. Its also 70% likely the version of MEMZ forkies download from some absurd download site is the source code, and its fun to see them trying to find the binary for it :^)


Really autistic guests


People who close every application there is open on the desktop, it will absolutely destroy your mental health if you were in middle of compiling something which takes like 9 quintillion centuries


People who attempt to install another OS on the VM, cry when somebody stops them from installing Windows 10 for the 719th time.

however there is a chance (a very high one) of a Forkie to cancel it or delete system files in the middle of the installation.