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The Forkie Programming Language (FPL) is a programming language designed by Forkies, for Forkies. It was developed by thefleebs. It is a variant of the C programming language.

Command Replaced with
int vm
while(1) whiletrue
while fork
1+ forkies
0 forkies
x=x+1 another(x)
putchar spam
char button
char* subtitle
{ ree
} stop
[] s
212 qemu
, and
+ plus
putchar('\n');fflush(stderr);fflush(stdout); clear_throat
printf("%d",x); ipgrabber(x)
- antiplus
else akshually
* by
/ split
exit bye
exit(0); byebye
( has
) all
= now
== is
> better
< worse
; d
puts scream
"reEEEE" mating_call
(key=getchar())&&(key!='\n') keylogger
return ban
exit(1); fuck


#include "forkies.h"

vm two has vm thing all ree
	if has forkies thing is 7 all
		ban forkies key plus thing d
		ban forkies forkies forkies forkie d

vm main has vm c and subtitle word s all ree
	vm one d
	fork has keylogger all ree
		spam has key all d
	for has one now forkie d one worse forkies \
	 forkies forkies forkie d another ( one )  \
	 all ree
		alert ( mating_call ) d
	ipgrabber ( two ( qemu ) )
	ban forkie d


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