Forkie Slayer

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This is totally real, I swear.

Forkie Slayer is a game where you kill forkies.

Types of forkies

  • Normal Forkies
    • Nothing special about them
  • Jawfuls
    • Weaker than normal forkies
  • Eatable/Tasty Forkies
    • They run away from you
    • You can eat them to regenerate HP
  • Forkie Agents: Torture
    • Have a low chance of spawning
    • Way stronger than normal forkies
    • Use a fork shotgun instead of normal forks
  • Forkie Chungus
    • Added in the exclusive reddit edition
    • Stronger than Forkie Agents: Torture
    • Doesn't move
  • Teleforkie
    • Teleports to a random position near the player when hit
  • Small Forkie
    • Smaller and faster than normal forkies, but have less HP and strength
  • Boohbah Forkie
    • Added in the yellows111 DLC

Platforms on which it was released


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