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Fylrobot is a CollabVM tool developed by Unzor. It stopped working due to the removal of tunnel, and other necessary JavaScript variables, but then was updated to work again. Other contributors include Netflix and Judyhegao. Used by many users, Fylrobot is the most popular tool as of January 2021 on CollabVM.

Fylrobot's homepage is at [Unzor's github]. It has been moved many times but this could possibly be the permanent homepage.

The Fylrobot control buttons.
Created January 2021
Creator Unzor
Contributors Netflix, Judyhegao
Link https://unzor.github.io/FylrobotJS

Occasionally, Fylrobot posts an advertising message in the chat by itself.


  • !help displays a message with a link to the command help file.
  • !spam spams a given phrase in the chat.
  • !rapidname changes your name quickly, in a numeric format.
  • !custommessage says a message under Fylrobot's name.
  • !screenshot takes a screenshot of the VM. (in Fylrobot Classic, it pointed to the VM screenshot used in the homepage.)
  • !turnspam spams the turn system.
  • !disconnect reloads the page.
  • !record records the screen of the VM.
  • !customscript adds a script to the page from a URL.
  • !darkmode sets a dark theme on CollabVM.
  • !autotype types the given phrase into the VM.
  • !voteyes/voteno votes in a VM reset for you. (Keep in mind this does not add one more vote, it just does it for you.)
  • !ignore/unignore ignores or unignores someone in chat.

Unmentioned Commands

  • !randommessage pushes a random message under Fylrobot's name into the chat.
  • !advertise advertises the Fylrobot tool.

Removed Commands

  • !fuckerscript kitted the VM, or rapidly sent mouse and keyboard input into the VM. This command also changed your name rapidly in a similar way to the !rapidname command detailed above. (in fylrobot classic) (There is also Fuckerscript.exe.)
  • !breakkeyboard broke the keyboard for the VM by spamming keyboard input. (same as kit)
  • !cad pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL for you. Removed as it was impossible to rebuild this command.


Fylrobot has been criticized in the past due to its !fuckerscript and !breakkeyboard commands being overused by forkies. It is not criticized anymore, however people still use it for spamming the chat.