GeForce GT 210

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the video card gogo has on his pc

the GT 210 is one of those badly made low-end nvidia cards that basically arent great at like modern games but are perfect at playing older titles such as Unreal or Tomb Raider 2 doesnt matter what you really choose. :P

and no it isnt half bad its just that no one gives a shit about it and thats all

there were several versions of the Geforce 210 released: - MSI (2 GB VRAM) Integrated RAMDAC version - the regular 1 gb vram version - the absolutely fucking horrible 512mb vram ddr3 version that sucks balls

the advanced options showcasing the unusually weird 2 gb of vram version of the card (note for the extra 1 gb of vram it shared the system ram for some absurd fucking reason)