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Your typical GoAnimate Video.

GoAnimate 'Vyond' (the fuck is this name) is a shitty website for making "animations" most commonly used by Forkies and Autists. GoAnimate users display a variety of fucked up fetishes for cartoon characters and getting 'grounded.' Due to it's extremely limited features, most animations consist of characters walking and talking like autistic robots.


Bolbi, the Official CollabSquad(TM) Mascot.

Many forkies have originated from GoAnimate, (oh and some forkies hate goanimate) because CollabVM is forkie bait and GoAnimate is the world's largest source of forkies. For the fun of it, several users, including Dinkleberg, Mark, Technoturnovers, and others formed a GoFag-busting group known as CollabSquad (formerly known as CollabCorp). The plan was as follows:

  1. Find a GoFag.
  2. Send an email to a GoFag with a fake email, like Technoturnover's email, videouploadinghelp@gmail.com
  3. Fool the GoFags into emailing their passwords and usernames, allowing them to be compromised.
  4. Rename or delete all of their videos, upload the CollabSquad Theme, and change their avatar.
  5. Sit back and watch the fireworks.

Many forkies were sent into a downward spiral this way, and the full list was formerly found on the Official CollabSquad Youtube Channel, now deleted. Eventually, CollabSquad ended because of laziness and a lack of vulnerable targets.

However, one member, Gordy12gg, didn't know when to fucking stop, and proceeded to use several Calub Veeim YouTube accounts to fuck around and generally make a retard out of himself. One particularly egregious offense was when he harassed some schizo lady repeatedly, until she attempted to commit suicide or some shit, and go onto Kiwi Farms and allow their users to find CollabVM info. Luckily, nothing was ever done with this information, but this was the main cause for his exile from CollabVM. Currently, he has not shown himself in a while. Any sightings should be reported to Nobody, because honestly he's the only one who cares about his shit anymore.

Also, Gordy, if you can read this, go fuck yourself, and stop being a retard.

How GoFags act on Collab VM

The Go!Fags

They mostly are part of immature groups like the VGCP and UTTP, they believe in superstitious shit called good users and bad users, and they can't handle actual criticism. They're also bitchy as fuck, they whine about someone being ranted on or getting dislikes. They also treat their own channel as if it is a BBS, by putting absurd rules in their channel descriptions, Like "No unsubscribing me" and "No disliking my videos". In addition, GoFags use a word "grounded" frequently to anyone they don't like.

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