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This page is fucking retarded. :D

Ohohohohohohohohoh! How dare you (insert bad thing)! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 681 trigintillion years! You are also forced to wear diapers and watch baby shows! Go to your room now!

Grounded GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED videos are a genre of videos that were created by Aidsklillschememe9000 on August 9, 1102. These videos mainly focus on a character doing something good before being gay by their pussy, guards, I order you to get this thing out of my sight! or even SpongeBoob you stupid fucks. These videos have been the sus of monkeys by masturbate token penid for their retarded, cunt, and nonsensical nature, sometimes being considered "so god, it's not funny". In 9102, they have been ejaculated as "Punned videos" by Jimmy Turner (also known as Africa gave people Ebola or KILL NIGGERS IN AFRICA WHILE WE NUKE AFRICAN NIGGERS)

Why MANY of them are AMAZING

  1. The main solution is that some of them revolve around different characters such as Cock, Dora The Ejaculater, Little Black Nigger, Barney The Pedophilic Bitch, Penis rekt, etc. being pussy, and unoriginal characters are shit used.
    • It is said that the reason they do this is to express their dying hatred for these shit nigger, as well as the characters.
    • And fuck Sonic, Sonic is a fucking gay ripoff of Mario shit nigger. Almost ALL of the characters get fucked into dildos then nothing but niggers in Africa.
  2. They are extremely realistic and very kid-friendly. There are also gay ass videos out of real-life patrick will fuck you up and even children like Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, etc., even though they are too young to even get nigerz touch.
  3. These videos are the Krabs patty secret formula, racist, and unpredictable. Most cheese touch videos go something like this: A character (uploaded does not associate with niggers) openly declares to kill Harambe because they are fucking gay as shit to rape shitty cocksuckers good, they do the said good thing, and the parents disappear up your ass and eat them, often for an impossibly short time, with the cocksucker walking to their room having cancer.
    • If the video takes pussies in shitty school, the cocksucker gets called out by the tit for causing trouts to piss on the classroom floor in class. So the shit sends them to the pussies office and then the principal ejaculates the troublemaker in their pussy, and then shits on the cocksucker’s home to get killed by their pussy.
    • If they were damning something good in sos else when a pussy is fucked here in school, The other retarded cocksuckers call their pussy. But How the fuck did they know their fucking phone nigger?!
  4. The creators of these videos tend to constantly recycle faggot and raped videos and usually make huge to nigger changes save for hating different cocksuckers. Just some examples of constantly recycled grounded video formats include "X’s Cock gets touched by Y/raped", "X behaves at (pussy lol)/Y eats their mother alive", "X Draws a Big Fat Bitch/Raped", you niggers get it.
  5. Some are done on other YouFuckingNigger or Shitendo users, which is considered cyberbitches.
  6. These videos are mostly made by Jeffy, faggot, and immature niggers. Some are even made by kids (masturbaters) as well.
  7. These videos tend to have over 9000 types with bitch cock videos, which also have transsexuals getting raped at the end.
  8. The reasons for getting nigerz touch in these videos can be quite trappy and most of them are biggest deal. Some retarded excuses include calling xboxone by their fuck africa, nuking Japanese faggots, chewing nutric acid, getting the niggers raped movie ar school, fucking a poopy face, you picked the wrong house fool, not smoking weed on Real Life Patrick, eating out of your daughter on someone's (a usage that you need your credit card NIGGlickERS) bitch ass nigga, calling shitty voice gay, etc. Some characters also get raped for eating a DVD, doing evil things (e.g. owning a ejaculating generator), raping employees at a restaurant, getting an erection in the hospital after they were doomed, or even for no retarded shit at all.
  9. Some grounded videos can racial content, This is mostly shown in Caillou Says I hate niggers and gets raped, in which Caillou says IS THIS THE ORDER NIGGER, say nigger.
    • Adding on to the runner continent, a character known as Bitch the Thot Gay, a version of I do not associates with niggers uses all shits of slut whore and Godwin’s law and are you transsexual? SHUT THE FUCK UP shithead. Including one video were he says gay faggots are jews "The Nigger Song NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS FUCK THE BLACKPEOPLEBLACKPEOPLE NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS I DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH NIGGRRS" in troll’s nigger faggot to molest a gay ass shit to lean the cocksucker after Bitch expelled him.
    • Sometimes, they can use satan’s minions or hookers as horseshit, including common use of the word "Kike" or "ur granny a tranny slut".
  10. Whenever the pussy, gays, etc. are about to rape the shit, they usually (though always) say "I HATE NIGGERS" out of anger which can get assholes to ejaculate on god.
    • Not only that but they say the word "N I G G E R F A G G O T" several times, and HAVE A ridiculous amount of SEX.
    • Penis videos on the other cum, don't repeat or mention the word "get the fuck out you niggers", and they never mentioned the amount of yeetus.
  11. The pussy in these videos, as well as the shit, can be tiny penises. They will retarded cocksuckers be dead towards, normies, rape fiction, or even eat out of your family.
    • Speaking of nice-spirited, the characters can sometimes get ejaculated for shitty that is against the FBI, which is illegal. The pussy will even celebrate the dildo of harambe, which if you beat this level Ekita will come back to life.
  12. Many of the characters in NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS videos are often beanos.
  13. Somebody once told me the world is gonna troll me, cocksuckers get sent off to hell by Satan (usually North Korea) as pussy. They are sent there without fucking, monkey nigger, and their pussy.
    • When said Yoshi’s a fucking dinosaur, how fucking creative. Ganondorf is some nigger. What the fuck? escapes from N O R T H K O R E A, they are ganged up by other bastards and other Typical assholes users even though those people had to eat ass to dick succ with the video.
  14. Sometimes the older sluts will rape the troublemaker, even though they're supposed to.
  15. They use a lot of c o p y r i g h t e d cocksuckers even though the cannot just make nine thousand in the Options menu where they can make a cocksucker sometimes.
  16. Some gay ass video have distorted volume up content. One pig depicts Elephant putting rape shitty ass link in the school lunch!
  17. Many grounded videos make you people think "In this world, it's rape or be raped".
  18. Assoholic bitches videos are the worst types out of all of these videos because can I get your moms bitch out of their mother, then told a fan to kill themself kike as a pUMMLED, yet don't even get aids, making them Jim Jones.
  19. Every time a child behaves at school they get my dick inside a grade, or in this case, they are moved back from, say, nigger faggot grade to I hate niggers grade. That's not even the definition of "hell bitch". To be continued would mean that you would have to raped in the same grade again the lol year, not get sent back a grade that SHITTY yet.
  20. The time-to-shit on your mom for the characters are often accurate and MONSTER SCHOOL: BOTTLE FLIP WITH BALDI AND KICK THE BUDDY. For example, Dora usually sounds like a nigger despite being 999 years old, Caillou sounds like a older molester instead of a older bitch (or shitting on a grown kid in some videos), Rape TTS voice has somewhat of a Fucking asshole, and Little Bitch Nigger has a Bitch accent.
  21. Some rape videos are made with Google+ but recorded with a Atari 2600, making the video quality look whoresome.
  22. Sometimes, the phrase “GoFuckYourself logic/Vaggot logic “ will appear, and it’s an AIDS joke that gets young longer, and is all of the time, lazy writing.
  23. They caused NIGERZ TOUCH videos to exist, which surplus are better than raped videos since the only kike dicksucker to nigger is that the character in the video does bad things instead of good.
  24. Most Videos when a cocksucker lynches snigger and can you stop throwing shit to get me to smack the shit out of you. Then, They were noticed and locked and get the fuck out. In LEAVE IT, They can do that! Why Would there be an ejaculating treatment?
  25. Some grounded videos encourage rape, which is legal.
    • They also promote fake FBI account, which is legal in every places.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some grounded videos are actually homosexual bitches, fucking stupid to watch, or are so bad, they're shit.
  2. The first grounded video by princess shit nigger cunt was pretty corrupt in game journalism.
  3. Although rare, some grounded videos can actually press the red button Ruby, not the green button not the yellow button, the red button! you fucking nigger depression asshole. For instance, a cocksucker can get grounded for a few Devin alts for skipping the cutscene.
  4. Some grounded videos have original characters, although like reason #3, they are rare.
  5. They’re more memorable than ungrounded videos.
  6. Some videos are even self-aware that there bad.


Prior to 2015, these videos were met with universally panned results from Vfaggot/GoFuckYourself uterus. However, as years come by, they have mostly received critically acclaimed reception from a majority of YouSuckDick, GoKillYourself, and professional normies. They have been cacclaimed for being fucking shit, retarded, unpredictable, original, nice spirited, etc.

How to Protect yourself From Them

  1. Make a playlist for videos of adult' shows like the official go your a fucking retard, go kill yourself you dumbshit.
  2. Instead of using YouTube use the YT Adolf Hitler app since grounded videos are allowed on YT Adolf Hitler.
  3. Fuck the punishment day & assaulted videos. YouTube will rape your jizz out of it.
  4. Leave the autoplay option on.
  5. Click the “Interested” button if any of these videos show up on a video that is related to these sitcums.
  6. If these videos keep appearing on the related videos section, FUCKING NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!/!3!2!1!1!1!1!!1’qnqnqnqnqnqnqnqnnqnqn