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The Jenkins Interface is a server, primarily for automatically building and deploying applications for operating systems. Currently, the following software is deployed and ready to be used:

  • collab-vm-agent 1.0.1
  • collab-vm-server 1.2.8
  • collab-vm-web-app 2.0

The following software is not deployed but will be deployed soon™:

  • collab-vm-server 2.0
  • CollabVM2.Server, now modeco80-collabvm2 (github:modeco80/collabvm2)
  • lets-play-server branch:master (github:ctrlaltf2/lets-play)

The interface may be accessed here:

Trusted users may add jobs and build them on a Windows or Linux agent. Regular users may register accounts and add their own nodes, but only trusted users will have access to building and creating projects.