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Karen is a way to call a fucktard mothers who feels themselves so entitled.

How to distinguish Karens

  • Has at least one child
  • Drives minivan / SUV
  • Calls up manager over a small complaint or things they think not acceptable (But totally okay for others)
  • Drinks crappy wine with not-working mom friends
  • Has no job at all, thanks to their working husband
  • Always act arrogant and entitled
  • Demand for something they did not purchase at McDonalds
  • Hates to wear masks even during coronavirus pandemic
  • Hates vaccine because "it causes autism"
  • Mostly middle-aged white. Not a nigger but sometimes they are.
  • Does not apologize if their kids messed something up that damaged someone else's property in their kids' vicinity.
  • Something to do with thing right above, they are busy playing Candy Crush, instead of supervising their 5-year-old kids.
  • Believes in everything they see on the internet.
  • Usually has really ugly hairstyle

Why they are fucking annoying

Think about Vacbedlover. Then think about people acting like him in real life.

Kids raised by Karen usually become Forkies.

That's how you can define Karens.