Lenovo Yoga 530 14-ARR

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cool laptop, smileyluvr masturbates to it

  • AMD Ryzen 3 2200U (pretty good mobile cpu)
  • Vega 3 (one of the best igpus)
  • 4GB RAM (shid) - Upgraded to 12GB RAM (dual channel, good)
  • 128GB SSD (extreme shid, use wd passport with it)

FPS Estimates[edit]

GTA 5, Fallout 4, Battlefield 1, Crysis 3[edit]

All run at around 30FPS with low settings and 720p

BioShock Infinite[edit]

Runs at around 40FPS with medium with low textures and 720p

Borderlands 2[edit]

Runs decently obviously on ultra and 720p


Can run at around 60FPS, but it likes to stutter and stutter and stutter.

Crysis 2[edit]

Strangely runs the same as Crysis 3, except slightly worse.

Virtualization - may be outdated[edit]


Big shid


Didn't try yet, think it's gonna run decently well.


Atleast it can run Obama 2018