Macbook Air Late 2016 Model

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The dumb mac wulf has to use for school
Runs MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
Has NVIDIA graphics
Has 4 GB of ram
160 GB HDD Storage
80 GB System Install (aaaaAAAAAAAA)



Max FPS: see: 0.01%min
Average FPS: see above
0.01% min fps: 1
Theres no way in hell a mac could run this.


Max FPS: 60
Average FPS: 45
0.01% min fps: 30
Works if it isn’t modded[edit]

Max FPS: 45
Average FPS: 30
0.01% min fps: 12
Most graphically demanding web game I could find.

Borderlands 2[edit]

Max FPS: 60
Average FPS: 50
0.01% min fps: 30
Actually decent.


Parrelels Desktop[edit]

Can install windows in ~30 minutes with no major usage of CPU, However if you expect to actually be able to use any newer version of windows, Good luck.


Actually works properly.

Guacamole VM (Tested on a Project Lead The Way environment)[edit]

Screen is long as fuck but it works.