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mountvol is a retarded command used by forkies. Forkies use [DATA EXPUNGED] to remove mount point of C: drive. It cannot be fixed until you reset VM. If you use it to stop a malwarefag you should burn in hell.


Just always have Disk Management open. Then when a forkie mountvols, just right click on a empty drive (i hope), click on the drive letter thing, and click on Add. Then just choose a letter (C for usability, anything else to "prevent" forkies from mountvoling again (if their stupid) but if a program uses C:\, then it breaks.)

Tell your thoughts about mountvol here

Bruh’s thoughts: MOUNTVOL SHOULD BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

OrMaybeClown's thoughts: ADMINS SHOULD BLOCK MOUNTVOL!!!

.cab file's thoughts: isn't too bad if you are using it anywhere but CollabVM