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Yet another retarded command, This command will BSoD the VM (as long as its run as admin)

Most forkies use this, and I'm not sure why.
unkn0wn: This is bsods vm bc wininit is only can run in startup and thats why we get bsod Calubviem123456789: Adding on to unkn0wn's comments, I think that running wininit kills the (already running) wininit instance and bsods the system

List of malwares made for Collab VM that used this command

setup.exe - Crappy malware that was disguised as an Office 2010 setup wizard, and crashed the VM.

ie1.exe - Crappy IExpress Malware disguised as Internet Explorer 1 setup , which BSODded Windows 10 and 8.1 VM