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RyanTheAvian (AKA RyanTheInkling) is a controversial figure of CollabVM, mainly involving his affinity for children's movies such as Ice Age, Rio and Splatoon. He is constantly mocked for fan fictions and Reddit posts that he has written in the past, also involving characters from Ice Age, Rio, Splatoon, and Carmelita Fox from Sly Cooper. Although he claims people are "ableist" for mocking him (since he says he has autism), his autism is definitely not one of the reasons why he's being mocked.

The Mini Sloth Incident

RyanTheAvian's old Discord account with a linked Reddit.
Same reddit from before, with quite a bit of interesting posts regarding Ice Age.

On the 19th of May, 2021, RyanTheAvian posted some rather interesting reddit posts regarding a specific scene from the second Ice Age movie. Although the reddit posts have long since been deleted, screenshots exist of the posts. Just 12 days later on the 31st of May, 2021, the posts were discovered by users of CollabVM who lurked a bit too hard and found gold. Following this discovery, he was massively ridiculed for it by several CollabVM users, mods, and even admins.


RyanTheAvian has written several fanfictions, all of them having to do with his self-insert original character having sex with various characters from media he likes such as Ice Age, Rio, and even Sly Cooper. Two of them are archived on archive.org, while one of them was saved as a .HTML file. He has even written a rape story involving Jewel getting raped by Nigel, both from Rio. What a sick bastard.

Here are his stories if you wish to read them yourself. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sex with a Fox and a Macaw

A wild adventure for Ryan

Why he makes these fanfictions

According to a reddit post he made in r/teenagers available here, he was bullied while growing up in school, due to his autism. His dad wasn't much better, because when he moved out, Ryan still suffered PTSD from his actions, and later, got depression. He also suffers from loneliness. He might likely be using these fanfictions as a coping strategy around his depression. That's actually sad to hear. Sorry for what happened, Ryan.

Police Reports

In May 2022, just over a year after the sloth incident, Ryan got up and filed a report to the Canadian police, he filed a bullying and harassment report and put the names of several CollabVM users:

The report contained the following:

It all started when I joined a Discord server dedicated to the site. I posted some of my personal secrets, and at the time, nothing bad happened. A couple of months later, the stuff I said was being distorted and all of the users on the site starting saying stuff that I clearly did not do. They've also doxxed me and found all of my personal accounts. They even opened an impersonator account on a pornographic website that states a whole bunch of lies. That's just the tip of the whole ordeal. Just recently when I came on, they are still harassing me, but this time they are now uttering threats. They have constantly stated that I was raped by a group of truckers, although that clearly did not happen. As well, they say I'm a Nazi, and that I have a whole bunch of sloths in the basement that I have sex with, but in reality I don't have any sloths in my possession. Literally this went from harmless comment to a massive pyramid scheme designed to ruin my life. I think that now is the time to file a report, and hopefully something gets done about this. The sooner penalties are carried out, the better my life will be.

By "pyramid scheme", he probably didn't mean a financial pyramid scheme, but a successful pyramid scheme, designed to "recruit" people to join into the ridiculing of this person.

"Sockpuppet" accounts created

These are the platforms that people have created accounts just to troll Ryan on.

  • PornHub
  • Social91 (The account has since been deleted, though)

The June 15th Reddit Post

On June 15th, 2022, RyanTheAvian had posted to the CollabVM subreddit. A user later joked on this post, The original post had been deleted, but if anyone has an archive let me know.

Are we actually harassing Ryan?

In fact, yes, we are! This is not due to his disabilities, this is due to the entire "sloth fucker" name.

Can we stop this?

Most likely not, the word about Ryan writing sex stories about Ice Age has already been spread since May of 2021, and due to the nature of CollabVM, they will keep going for a long. It's like how when the reboot command was removed, people found out wmic os where primary=1 reboot. Another example that can be used is when a user called "Swordlink1" blatantly overadvertised his "Computernewb Wiki Extension", which led to the extreme harassment of him, and inflicting the hate that he still has today, even though it happened months ago.

Unfortunately, harassing somebody isn't going to pursuade them into "becoming a more normal CVM user" (as the goal seems to be), and will just instead drive them away from the so-called "community".