Super HTML5 Brothers

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Note: Super HTML5 Bros is no longer listed on the computernewb homepage, so you won't be able to play it anymore, until you compile the source code yourself and put it up somewhere.

Super HTML5 Brothers, formerly known as "CollabMario", is a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. 1 for the NES that is currently in development. It aims to recreate the experience of the original game as closely as possible while adding new features, such as an online multiplayer mode, more characters, more enemies, a level editor, additional gamemodes, offline co-op with up to 4 players, and combine all the features found in Vs. Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros Deluxe, and Super Mario Bros 2 (aka The Lost Levels), and various official titles and fan games.

Planned features (for now)

  • All 32 levels of Super Mario Bros will eventually be implemented in the game.
  • Full, accurate SMB1 recreation.
  • Multiplayer
  • Level editor

Source code

NOTE: While this will currently open in the "free" version of Construct 2, in the future it will not because it will certainly use over 100 events. Requires Construct 2 Release 265 or higher.