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Expert Mode is, as the name suggests, a much harder version of the normal Super HTML5 Brothers game. It makes several changes, makes all enemies faster, adds more pits, and generally makes the game much harder. It is not accessible yet.

For example, World 1-1 sees more pits and sees the addition of spikes.

Noticeable changes

  • Spikes and falling spikes are added to some levels.
  • Levels have more pits and traps added.
  • Levels set in the snow, such as World 3-1 and World 5-1, have actual ice physics added to them, which makes platforms a lot more slippery and trickier to land on.
  • Underwater levels now have an oxygen meter added; requiring you to reach the surface to get air.
  • All Goombas are replaced with Spinys.
  • All Koopa Troopas do not walk off cliffs, even if they are green.
  • All Starmen have been replaced with coins.
  • All Piranha Plants have been replaced with Red Piranha Plants.
  • All 1-UP Mushrooms have been replaced with Poison Mushrooms.
  • Bowser now throws hammers in all castle levels.
  • The World 1-2 Warp Zone only takes you to World 2, and the World 4-2 Warp Zone only takes you to World 5.
  • All coin bonus rooms have been removed.

Expert Challenge Mode

Upon completion of Expert Mode, you will gain access to the final difficulty mode; Expert Challenge Mode, which combines Expert Mode and Challenge Mode. It is the exact same as Challenge Mode but adds all the features of Expert Mode, but in addition, adds a universal time limit of 3600 seconds (or 60 minutes). If you fail to reach this time limit, you will get a Game Over and have to start over again. This mode will be playable in Multiplayer.

Upon completion of Expert Challenge Mode, you will be given a unique character.