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A new feature upcoming in Super HTML5 Brothers is the addition of a Level Editing tool. This allows users to create their own custom Super HTML5 Brothers levels and share them with other people. Right now you can only save files locally with a JSON file. In the future you will be able to upload it directly to the website and it'll be easily playable by other people.

The interface is similar to that of Super Mario Maker.

Getting started

The interface

The interface is very simple since this feature is being prototyped.

Placing a block

Placing blocks

Select what you want to place. For instance you can select a Overworld ground to place an Overworld block. To see other block types, use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or press PAGE DOWN/PAGE UP if you are on a laptop.

Hold down the left mouse button to place the blocks. If you want to erase, use the right mouse button.

Testing your level

To test your level, press the "Play" button on the top right corner. To go back to the level editor, fall off of a pit or click the Pause button.



If you want to save your level for later use, click the "Save" button in the top right corner, which will save your level in a JSON format. When you want to load it again, open the level editor, click the "Load" button also located on the top right corner, locate your save file, and click "Open".