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Creator: Unknown

Website: Unknown/None

Type: Unknown

Quality: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Melodic presets: Unknown

Drum presets: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Download: Unavailable


  1. Creator
  2. Website of the creator/soundfont
  3. Type (None/GM/GS/GM2/XG/MT-32)
  4. Quality (Unknown/Very Low/Low/Medium/High/Very High/Impossibly High)
  5. Size (in KB/MB/GB [example: 100MB])
  6. Number of presets (in all banks except the bank containing the drums)
  7. Number of drum presets (the drum bank only)
  8. Date of creation (if full date is known, recommended to do it in this format: 1.2.3 (where: 1 = day, 2 = month, 3 = year))
  9. Download link (can also be Unknown/Available on the website)