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The DFTP is now PERMANENTLY closed due to being upgraded due to the host upgrading to an xFi-based router, which utilizes a new interface for port forwarding that the host cannot access. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To pull files, contact DFU on the CollabVM official Discord.

Permanent update: The DFTP is no longer available due to the closure of the Siam Alam x DataWagon partnership. All data will be inaccessible from October 5th, 2020. We thank you for staying with us, as we look for more options regarding hosting The DFTP. - DFU, Founder of the RFU Republic and The DFTP's services.

updaet #2452: uh no it not it stil up f@%king dumba$$ OK4Y BY3!!!!!!!!111!11!!!11

Permanent (for real this time) update: you can no longer access therefore the whole FTP itself is inaccessible. YIPPEE!

https is for fags 403 forbidden - 0xa1 brainlet moment

https apparently works now? http(s):// http(s):// [read-only / now works for some reason?] ||| Is it even -permanently- dead anymore, can't we just consider an undead status for this? ||| "AV.scr" "Photo.scr" "Video.scr" what the fuck is this? i thought all the bitcoin miners were removed long ago

UPDATE: The dfuser domain is now up for sale, and there will be no more DFTP for as long as the domain has not yet been re-purchased. I don't know if they're planning on bringing it back up, but frankly, I don't care.

Another update: The dfuser domain now redirects to some random youtube video.

The DFTP is some random FTP server, no longer hosted and maintained by DFU. All files can be uploaded as long as they follow the rules.


The DFTP is maintained/hosted by DFU, a few members and Techno, the only admin in the FTP. It is available here:

  • This URL is no longer active.
  • (ftp)/(http)://
  • (requires an actual password now, don't know it so no password for now.)

FTP credentials for accessing the FTP

Username: anonymous

Contrary to other FTPs, there is no password. You do not have to enter any passwords in order to access the FTP.

FTP and Discord Rules

The rules of the DFTP discord server (although it kind of? applies to the DFTP as well)

  • 1: dont be hannah
  • 2: no collabvm accounts or gulag'd
  • 3: no retards allowed in normal chat
  • 4: no vbl (aka vboxfag) in anyway or form
  • 4b: fucking dare to ask "why am i banned" and we'll shit on you personally
  • 5: break shit and get sent to ze hell-jail
  • 6: if you come from reddit don't be dumb (we know who comes from there)
  • 7: uploading crypto miners to the ftp will get you iplogged and banned

Tested FTP clients

  • FileZilla - Works perfectly. The recommended FTP client (by Chihiro) for browsing and/or using the DFTP.
  • Built-in Browser FTPs - The built-in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer FTP viewers all work fine.
  • ncftp.exe (ROS/Linux/Windows) - Works perfectly
  • ftp (Windows), ftp (Linux) - Doesn't work, can't upload files or do ls command
  • Windows Explorer FTP Client (Windows 98+) - Works almost perfectly. Type in the address bar in Windows Explorer. Explorer has a slight quirk with folder creation because it first creates a folder, then renames it to the custom filename you told it to use for the folder, but due to the fact that the rename command has been blocked for preventing abuse, it fails completely. Otherwise, everything else works fine.