The most annoying and obnoxious guest

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What we call, 'The most annoying and obnoxious guest', is a guest account we know as guest63485 (and by we, I mean markisntcrazy, Windows98 SE, Wulf, etc.)

This guest has been pissing us off. He's done lots of annoying things, for example searching up nudes of celebrities/going to, pornhub, etc. He even ruins the stuff we make/deletes stuff that we need for the VM. We've tried to stop him, but he likes to fuck up the VM everytime we reset it, etc. He annoys us badly, and thats why I decided to make this article, so everyone could find out about this annoying guest. This guest literally even searched up for REAL DOG SHIT. He also applies the high contrast theme, uses internet explorer, and sometimes downloads really shitty browsers such as dplus and lynx. He will also make many user accounts that have SHITHEAD or StickyButthole, along with a number from 1 to 23. He will also put the browser in fullscreen when he searches something.

Guest in action

He possibly reincarnated into guest8124, or guest8124 is guest63485's "son"