Tony Macaroni

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A reoccurring forkie who has an unnerving obsession with Robin Hood

Real info

Name Anthony

AKA Tony Macaroni

birth date 27/11/94 (24)

Birth place Edinburgh, Scotland (home of faggots like matthew)

Background info

Tony came on to the scene in summer 2015, he loved going on the site and setting the wallpaper to old man porn, he was despised by many including Dartz. His current roles where being a faggot, a few months past and he became a little destructive, constantly freezing the VM so no one could use it. Tony is rarely seen now with the new update.
If you call him out for all the terrible shit he has done, he will blatantly deny it then go on a forkie rampage ruining any hard work any user has done. Naturally, if you call him out for doing THAT, he will blame another user for his actions.

Main Duties

  • Acting like a faggot
  • Changing the background to gay old man pornography
  • Uninstalling all software and trashing the system
  • Fingering his butthole to Robin Hood yaoi
  • Lying

His new name is "Tony Pasta". Nice try, faggot.

External Links

Tony Macaroni Demo Reel (looks like a gay porno trailer)