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Русский Язык

i am just a random retard who makes shit in hiasm
also known as "the hiasm retard"
my primary language is russian
im not going to upgrade and im sitting on windows 7
i have a repository (because yes), you can read about it in Cab's repository


  • the creator of the cvm battle royale
  • the person to mod forkie into friday night fuckshit
  • the creator of the andrej tool
  • the creator of fart os
  • a discord bot dev, 7 bots so far (one of them is filled with integrations)
  • a (bad) music composer, uses mixcraft 9 but sometimes bosca ceoil (for small tracks)

unknown-before software

This page/section contains stuff related to HiAsm.
  • RAMUP pack that consists of several maybe useful programs and other stuff
  • 3DSRender for making videos of...shapes transforming in a space field
  • Beeper, aka the first music-making software ever made by me
  • EasyAntiVirus that crashed and burned after i realised that it uses an external cli scanner, also the files were deleted but then restored from a google drive backup
  • FileSearch for scanning the entire hard drive for specific files (and then copying them into a folder)
  • FileShield for "saving" a file (aka not letting other programs interact with one)
  • FrameRec (used to be ScreenRec) aka the first screen recording software ever made by me
  • OSMaker for making simple OSes (DO NOT LET FORKIES USE THIS)

ok thanks for reading now bye