Windows 10 x64 (UserVM)

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This article/section contains info about defunct content.
Windows 10 x64
UserVM virtual machine
Clean desktop
Clean desktop
OSWindows 10 2015 LTSB
Node IDwin10vm

Windows 10 x64 is a VM on UserVM. It was introduced in January 2023 and currently runs Windows 10 LTSB 2015.


  • Ungoogled Chromium 109
  • Visual Studio Code 1.74.3
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium
  • StartIsBack++ 2.9.17
  • 7-Zip 22.01


  • A nonfunctional shortcut to LibreWolf is present in the start menu.
  • The account defaultuser0 is enabled.


Welcome to CollabVM on

    * Please make sure to follow the CollabVM Rules as they apply to this machine. You can read them here.
    * This VMs local IP address is, which can be accessed anywhere on the network.
    * Questions? Contact me at hn*(at)holynetwork*d* (where * is the first letter of the Latin alphabet.
    * We're back from a server reinstall, and we're sorry about the downtime.
    * Please avoid being a giant dick in chat, people have feelings, racism is not funny and neither are you. Users being caught saying any form of the N word will get permanently muted.