it me :D
I'm Lily, a hobbyist software developer and sysadmin.
This is my little corner on the internet that I put a bit of personal stuff on.
About me:
Name: Lily Tsuru
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 20
Sexual orientation: gay ass son of a bitch
Contact me:
E-mail (I don't look at this much)
Twitter Hellbird
YouTube (I never frequently upload)
Fedi: @[email protected]
Links & stuff:
Collection of ISOs (incl. Crusty Windows Collection)
Some public files
SSX folder in my files repository
SSX stuff (Might move?):
SSX Modding Wiki
GDC 2002 talk "Visual Engineering of SSX"
2002 Gamasutra article "Dynamic Level of Detail Terrain Rendering with B├ęzier Patches"