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Collabbot (not to be confused with CollabBot) was a CollabVM bot made by icanttellyou in 2019. Its command prefix was .



  • s/[param 1]/[param 2] - Gets your previous message with the first parameter, and replaces it with the second parameter and returns your previous message. (Keep in mind that you can easily exploit this!!!)

Owner only commands

  • blacklist - blacklists user from using the bot (OWNER ONLY)
  • whitelist - allows you to manage the whitelist (OWNER ONLY)
  • crash - crashes the bot (OWNER ONLY)
  • eval - runs a command from the system (OWNER ONLY)
  • lua - LUA interpreter (OWNER ONLY)
  • pasta - outputs a text file (OWNER ONLY)
  • reload - reloads the configuration of the bot (OWNER ONLY)

Regular commands

  • roll - rolls a random number from 0 to 9223372036854775806
  • retard - calculates how retarded are you, or whatever you input
  • decide - the command decides for you
  • markov - just a markov chain, nothing special

Informational commands

  • changelog - gives you the changelog of the bot
  • debug - gives debug info
  • credits - gives you the credits of the bot
  • feedback - allows you to give feedback about the bot, and give any suggestions
  • help/commands - gives you help
  • info - information about the bot
  • time - gives you the time of the system, or time-zones available on the system
  • timestamp - gives you the UNIX timestamp
  • stats - statistics, like how many messages were sent in chat by users
  • system - system usage, like RAM and CPU
  • version - Gives you the version of the bot

Text manipulation/Hashing encoders & decoders/General fun

  • 8ball - an implementation of the Magic 8-Ball
  • assa - reverses your text and mirrors it in the other direction
  • ayya - mirrors your text
  • saas - reverses your text and mirrors it
  • yaay - mirrors your text in the other direction
  • b64/base64 - RW5jb2RlcyB0ZXh0IGludG8gQmFzZTY0Lg==
  • b64d/base64decode - decodes Base64 text
  • ip/myip/ipv4/myipv4 - gives you a fake IP of text you input or your username or VPN IP
  • ipv6/myipv6 - gives you a fake IPv6 IP of text you input or your username or VPN IP
  • ipcheck - used to check if the IP is a proxy or a VPN
  • js/.javascript - JavaScript interpreter
  • pn/phonenumber - gives you a fake phone number of text you input or your username
  • reverse - reverses the text you send
  • rot - ebgngrf yrggref sebz 1 gb 47 gvzrf
  • say - it's almost like the bot is talking to you
  • vpn - spoofs the IP when you use .ip
  • xkcd - gives you a random xkcd comic.

Deprecated/broken commands

  • amz - used to interact with the amz exchange php bot (the site is now dead)
  • kill - used to kill all of the commands, replaced by the whitelist (OWNER ONLY)
  • revive - used to bring back all of the commands, replaced by the whitelist (OWNER ONLY)
  • tutorial - used to give you tutorials, scrapped due to data loss
  • verify - used to verify if the user is the owner of the bot