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CollabBot is a custom-made Discord bot by Dartz for the Official CollabVM Discord. It is currently on version 2.00, and was created on June 19, 2018. The original purpose was simply a fun experiment to learn Discord.js by "porting" CollabVM to Discord. Since then, some features have been added to it. It has its own Virtual Machine (dead(?)) and is the current interface for the VNC Resolver database. Its permissions are controlled using its role, "CollabBot".


CollabBot commands are followed by the prefix +, and the bot currently only has access to the #collabbot channel on the official CollabVM Server. Other servers may vary. The +help output is as follows:

List of commands:

Will pull up a list of recent changes.
+exec (command)
Will execute any valid Linux command you put in, although this sometimes may not work - try +reconnect or starting a vote reset
Will show the help dialogue (todo: make it so you can type +help (command) to get info on a command)
Will give a link to add CollabBot to your server.
Will list the currently open ports on the VM.
Will post the default password for the machine.
The bot will attempt to reconnect to SSH. Try using this if commands are not working.
Reset the VM to a clean state instantly without waiting for a vote reset. (CollabBot Admins only)
View the rules for the bot
Takes a screenshot of the open VNC and posts it to the server. (Requires image posting permissions)
+ssh (ip) (port) (username) (password)
Connects the bot to the specified SSH server. Example: +ssh 24 dartz somepassword (CollabBot Admins only)
Prints a randomly insecure VNC server that was found by CollabBot. A new insecure VNC database is uploaded every few months.
Works just like CollabVM - it starts a vote reset to reset the VM to a clean state.

Due to the limitations of Discord, text is very limited and may result in garbage output, as well as there being no support for graphics beyond the VNC screenshotting. Because text output is limited to 2000 characters on Discord, the bot will automatically cut all text after 2000 characters. In addition, the bot uses SSH for interfacing, and does not support interactive terminal programs. To bypass these limitations, a VNC server is open which you can use to run these programs. Vote resetting works via typing the "+votereset" command and reacting with the reactions; :thumbsup: and :thumbsdown: both vote "yes" and "no" respectively.

The bot is not limited to the CollabVM Official Server - it can be invited onto any Discord server. Some commands may be limited on non-CollabVM servers. The invite for CollabBot is here:

The bot requires very little Discord permissions in order to function. For minimal use, it requires only the Read and Send Messages permission. To use VNC Resolver, the "Embed Links" and "Attach Files" permission must be granted.


In addition to Dartz, and potentially other global Discord admins, normal users can become CollabBot admins if they are given the 'CollabBot' admin role, at the discretion of Dartz. Currently, the only CollabBot admins are Ir0nlake and Fleebs. Currently, new admins are not being accepted.