EventVM is a special VM on CollabVM which the admins open for a temporary period of time, to host some kind of event that they have planned. It was introduced on September 1st, 2023, after a significant spark of activity occurred in the official CollabVM20 Gmail account, which incited new inspiration to do a scambaiting session. The first event held was exactly that - the "scammer bullshit" event, in which the admins trolled a scammer while showing it to the public, to much hilarity. Out of it started many new injokes, such as "Timothy Epstein" and various other things.

CollabVM virtual machine
Introduced1 September 2023
Node IDeventvm
Next VMVM0b0t

There's also the Events voice channel on the CollabVM Discord, which is also active at the same time as the EventVM. Regular members can only participate, while Memebers and up can talk.

The VM is notably view-only, only moderators can control the VM.

Sometimes, the VM may be on without any real reason. It's just.. kinda there. On a more serious note, it might actually be due to the script that manages VMs accidentally turning it on, even if there aren't any events going on.


The VM has an intentionally painful to look at desktop, in a similar vein to VM 0b0t. The resolution is above 1024x768, but for good reason. You see, the VM is not intended to be used normally, as the VM is actually controlled outside of the website, and is not intended to present itself as a normal VM. Therefore, there is no real incentive to keep it at exactly 1024x768.

Many things can be seen - WPS Office, the legendary Google Chrone, most of Ninite's programs, the entirety of the PopCap Game Collection, all of the taskbar bloat enabled by default, a hilarious wallpaper, an absolutely HORRID Chrome theme, and other things.


  • September 1st 2023 ("scammer bullshit"):
The first event ever to be held in the EventVM. It lasted a few hours, and it was fairly active, pretty good for its first day on the site. Recordings of it in full are known to exist, especially the Events voice channels and the actual calls that were made to the scammers. There were full real-time recordings of the Events voice channels the day the event happened thanks to the Craig Discord bot that was specially invited in for the occassion, but are forever gone out of negligence, sadly.